Sidekick 2009 rumors heating up, already in the wild

sidekick2009-bunkiLooks like Ed at HipTop3 has been exchanging e-mails with someone claiming to have already manhandled the Sidekick 2009. If you recall, the first true whispers of the new Sidekick popped up a couple weeks back about the Sidekick LX 2009 that was spotted in an online survey. Turns out that device is the “Blade” or as T-Mobile calls it, “Montreal.” Blade is apparently the internal codename for those at MS/Danger. There’s a gaggle of purported hands-on details after the jump. But before we get to that, Ed did some sleuthing in his server logs and found hits from “Danger hiptop 5.0” from the last few weeks. Read on to see what that entails.

* It looks pretty much like the mock-ups we’ve seen so far, stripe along the back and all
* It’s lighter and “has a more grown up feel to it”
* The keys are more flush with the device and are “flat not round like the lx”
* The USB and headphone jacks are indeed on the bottom of the device
* There is a flash for the camera
* There’s an app for your “My T-Mobile info” that lets you pull up your info (minutes used, sms sent, account info, etc)
* There are lights running along the top of the screen part. Mood-lights anyone?
* It’s being called “Montreal” as an internal codename for T-Mobile. “Blade” is the internal name at MSDanger. It will be sold as the Sidekick 2009.
* It will be running DangerOS 5.0