Never need quarters for the laundromat again!

wonderwashIf you’re looking for a greener solution for washing your clothes, or you want to be able to wash them in your home but don’t have a ton of space, there might be a solution out there after all. Enter the Wonder Wash a portable, inexpensive, and fairly green alternative to the coin-fed beasts at the corner laundromat.

It’s kind of neat, actually. A small, tank shaped plastic device that apparently uses hot or cold water, and is capable of washing small loads of laundry. It’s hand powered, so requires no electricity, and has a minimum of moving parts. Just the thing for someone living in a loft maybe — or a Luddite.

A word of caution however: my wife has been asking me for a new washing machine, and was not amused when I suggested this as an alternative. Hopefully I’ll be off the couch before Valentine’s Day.