Facebook begins mobile blitz

Facebook strategists clearly see the potential for growth in the mobile sector, seeing as 13% of their users log in from their phones. To some that number would have the appearance of success, but Facebook sees nowhere to go but up. They’ve begun talks with pretty much everyone in the business, and are hoping to bring more Facebook to more handsets, including Palm’s much-anticipated Pre and hopefully a whole bunch of Nokias.

At over 220 million users, Facebook’s growth may be starting to slow down in the traditional browser-based arena, but a couple real mobile clients included on major phones and backed by the likes of Nokia would be a huge shot in the arm.

So far the news is pretty vague, but we should know more in a few days from our man on the scene at the Mobile World Congress in beautiful Barcelona. Chances are there will be a few announcements from service providers like Facebook to go along with all the new handsets and services from folks like Samsung, Microsoft, and the rest of those guys. We’ve also heard that MySpace might be announcing support for Nokia and Palm phones (which wouldn’t be surprising given that its CEO is giving the event’s keynote), but we haven’t been able to confirm it — more on that tomorrow.