A Breguet that makes me cry

Look at this monster. This is a Breguet Transatlantique XX, one of the most accessible of watches in the house (the steel version goes for about $6,000 on a good day) but they’ve essentially destroyed it by making it out of gold with a white gold clasp. My initial impression after seeing the PR shots was “Huh, this is OK.” Then I saw the video after the jump. ABlogtoRead takes the video itself apart for sounding more like a 6th grade Sex Ed filmstrip than a sales video, but by gar if I hate the gold on this.

The Transatlantique is based on Breguet’s post-WWII military watches and has a date and flyback chrono, two features sorely lacking on most classic chronos. Great stuff when it doesn’t look like it belongs on the wrist of a sunburned mafioso.