Video Review: Novocaine Relaxation Drink


Novocaine is a relxation drink made by Malava Beverages that offers a bit of relaxation in a can. Does it work? The first can I drank made me very mellow – my mouth was literally numb – but after four cans of the stuff I’m pretty much used to it. Does it work? Sure. It’s relaxing, doesn’t taste horribly bad, and apparently it goes well with vodka. If you see it in stores, feel free to take a slurp.

Apparently it’s mostly sold in health food stores, inside the confines of which no blogger has ever dared to tread.

(Newport Beach, CA, November 14, 2008) Feeling stressed? Do politics and the economy have you panicking? What if you could drink a can of all-natural juice to relax and calm your nerves? That’s exactly what a can of MALAVA’s new NOVOCAINE beverage will do for you.

The maker MALAVA RELAX, The Anti-Energy Drink™, now offers in NOVOCAINE, five times the relaxation, five times the stress relief, and five times the clarity of mind as the original. NOVOCAINE, with five times the kavalactones, puts you in a happy, tranquil state. NOVOCAINE and RELAX are the only all-natural juice cocktails that are anti-stress and anti-anxiety, while increasing mental clarity.

Other benefits of NOVOCAINE are more oxygen flow to muscles during workouts, and you may have a better night’s sleep by relieving stress before bedtime. Drink a NOVOCAINE to calm the nerves at work, or school, or before flying, or that big date. Drink one before visiting the dentist, the in-laws, or before a presentation or performance.

And unlike alcohol, NOVOCAINE has no side effects. It’s good for you! The herb, kava, used in NOVOCAINE has been used for its calming affect in the Polynesian Islands for more than 3,000 years. And it doesn’t make you tired.