Trackle Feeds You Personalized RSS

Silicon Valley start-up is launching the public beta of its personalized Google Alerts to track pretty much everything in an internet user’s life. Trackle’s technology and interface is innovative and disarmingly comprehensive. It provides real-time personalized RSS feeds of the latest crime in a user’s neighborhood, fluctuating airline ticket prices, how much a user’s house value is down this week, updated job listings, sports scores and much more.

The breadth and specificity of Trackle’s information is what differentiates itself from other RSS tracking applications like Google Alerts, Yotify and Trackle doesn’t just search for keywords, it incorporates change into the keywords and provides up-to-date, highly customized information about ever-fluctuating internet content. For example, if a user is eyeing a camera on sale at but only wants to spend $200, Trackle will monitor the sale and provide you updates of when the camera price reaches $200. Trackle keeps all of this information on the user’s personalized site but the user can also choose to receive the real-time alerts via SMS and e-mail. Imagine if a user is bidding on an Ebay item; Trackle claims to give real-time price updates on an auctioned item. For free.

So who’s behind this nifty idea? Trackle was founded by Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur Pavan Nigam and technology executive Naveen Saxea. Nigam was the founder of Healtheon (a health care start-up that merged with WebMD in 1999) and Cendura (a start-up that was acquired by Computer Associates in 2006). Trackle, who has received seed funding by NEA (New Enterprise Associates) and other angel investors, hopes to morph into “the PayPal of tracking systems” by having a “Trackle” button on websites, such as retail sites, to allow a user to track content instantaneously.

Trackle has already started thinking towards the future by incorporating elements of social networking into the interface. For example, a user can Tweet a Trackle update via Twitter to friends and users can also share their Trackle updates with accepted friends.