That Dante's Inferno game sure sounds a lot like God of War


People actually groaned when Dante’s Inferno was announced a few weeks ago, and with good reason. Electronic Arts (I think I have a meeting with them tomorrow!) said something along the lines of, We want people to experience the joy of Dante, as if millions of people aren’t already familiar with the 700-year-old poem. Never mind all that, for PSM3 magazine has a 10-page feature on the game this month. Unfortunately, it’s a British magazine, which means you’re looking at a $10 price tag at the book store. Or, you know, you can just the following summary. Tell yourself it’s more green that way (no driving to the store or anything).

The game is described as “Dead Space meets God of War” in the article. Now, while I’m usually allergic to the “X meets Y” convention, that’s not exactly a bad meeting of the minds, now is it? God of War was fun the first time ’round, and I hear Dead Space (which I haven’t played) is essentially Resident Evil 4 . It’s not as if EA said, “It’s Driv3r meets ET.” The controls are also supposed to be a button-for-button copy of God of War‘s.

Other familiar features:

• Quick Time Events, just like GoW

• Little colored orbs that you collect, just like GoW

• “twisted creatures burst from doorways, lava spews from inverted crosses and bottomless fiery pits yawn deep beneath your feet”

That last one strikes me as odd, since wasn’t The Divine Comedy essentially a running political commentary? “And this guy’s a jerk, and this guy’s a jerk,” and so on. Not an action movie, that is.

I don’t know, it sounds like a fine game, though, again, I’m not too sure about the lore. Why not just make a new IP about hell and so forth?

via Joystiq