Miro Gets A Makeover

Miro, an open-source HD video player we wrote about in 2007, launched Miro 2.0, an updated, re-designed, more powerful video player.

Several new features have been added to spruce up Miro, including faster performance and torrent downloads, the ability to stream shows from websites like Hulu and YouTube on the sidebar,and the ability to play videos in a separate video. Similar to the 1.0 version, Miro allows users to search for and download video podcasts from sources but Miro is offering a greater selection of video podcasts for users. Miro, a BitTorrent-enabled, Firefox-like open-source application was built by non-profit Participatory Culture Foundation and boasts of more than 4 million downloads in 2008.

Miro is in direct competition with video player Joost and lists all of its advantages over its rival here. Perhaps the recent make-over of Miro isn’t just an update of the application but also a move to keep up with the growth its competitor has seen in the past few months. Joost’s viewership recently picked up steam after the company moved away from the use of downloaded software to an all-browser video experience.