eBay auction for ‘Hitman’ XBL Gamertag


I really, really hope someone with too much money and little-to-no first person shooter skills wins this auction. Imagine seeing a player with the Gamertag “Hitman” on your team in Call of Duty, only to watch him get killed over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Thankfully the name will probably go to a serious gamer. It’s being sold on eBay by 22-year-old Chris Graziano, who snagged the “Hitman” moniker six years ago as an early beta tester for Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. I, too, was an early beta tester and, oddly enough, nobody seems to want my “CuddlePants98416” gamertag. I can’t give the thing away!

The auction ends next Thursday, February 19th.

Xbox Live Gamertag – Hitman [eBay via CNET]