Cupertino, My Lovely: Apple forced Google to give up on multi-touch


Further, the Android team member went on to say that they were relieved that Google didn’t go against Apple’s wishes, given the legal storm that appears to be brewing between Apple and Palm, which is using multi-touch technology in its new Pre phone. Even if Apple ultimately decides not to pursue legal action against Palm (it’s not yet clear how likely that is, but Apple does have an impressive array of patents), the situation has likely soured the relationship between the two companies. Google, it seems, wants no part in ruining its relationship with Apple.

Scene: A Chinese restaurant somewhere in the valley in early 2008. Two men enter, wave off the waitress, and sit at a booth. One man is agitated.

G: What do you want now?
A: I hear you have multi-touch in the G1.
G: We do.
A: What did I tell you?
G: Is she safe?
A: She’s safe. She’ll be back at home inside of a week if you play ball.
G: I need to talk to her.
A: You can talk to her on this.
A hands an iPhone. Muffled screams. G says something, inaudibly.
G: She hung up.
A: We hung up.
G: Fine. No usable touchscreen, a fold out keyboard, and wonky SDK. Fine. You got it. But no multi-touch?
A: No multi-touch. We can cut off another finger…

G reaches for his coat pocket.

G: You wouldn’t dare.
A: Easy with that iron, friend. This place is surrounded.
G: Fine. No multi-touch. But what about the G2?
A: How many kids you got?
G: Two…
A: Two kids, twenty fingers. This could get ugly real fast.
G: You animal.
A: It’s business. But we can make it pleasure. After all, we could just take Google Maps off of the iPhone deck.
G: No, no. Don’t go crazy. Don’t go crazy. You can have the girl.
A: You gonna keep playing ball?

G mumbles

A: Say it. Louder.
G: I’m gonna keep playing ball.
A: See you around, kid.

via VentureBeat