Now all those hours spent pleasuring yourself can be traded in for valuable gaming experience: The DIY Joydick

This is pretty much the craziest thing I’ve seen all day (except for Stephen King – homeboy looks weird). This is a ring that you place over your penis that allows you to move your wang in four directions to control the on-screen Atari 2600 action. Strokes shoot your missiles on screen and gameplay continues until issue.

The makers at the SF Media Labs note that there is really a philosophy behind this process of build-up and release.

Our impetus to win can be seen as a drive towards transcendence. A transcendence that is both over death and, in a sense, a metaphorical death. Winning a video game is much like what Martin Heidegger referred to as becoming a “being towards death.” That is a self-realized individual who has overcome uncertainty in life, reconciled their place in the universe and has acknowledged death within their life.

This simultaneity of both transcendence in life and the acknowledgment of death is also encountered during what the French like to call “la petite morte” or in English, “the little death.” This is the refractory period following sexual climax in which a person can achieve no further orgasm and is filled both with pleasure and melancholy.

It would be reasonable to assert that the tension that builds during gameplay and the release achieved through victory are similar to the events leading up and through a sexual orgasm.

Got that? Good. Now all they have to do is connect this to World of Warcraft – say linking the orgasm to a level up – and a generation of men will never have sex, even unto death. Full instructions are available at the SF Media Labs website.

Just think: what if you could connect this to Twitter?

via Giz