Jauntify your Kindle 2 with jaunty jackets


Mmm… bright candy colors. M-Edge is cashing in on the Kindle Kraze with their new Executive Jackets for Kindle 2. These sassy, multi-hued jackets have a built-in booklight and start at a mere $29.99.

Don’t have hands? Try the Platform Jacket that keeps your Kindle 2 upright while in its sexy protective case. It also starts at $29.99.

M-Edge Accessories Announces Product Line for Kindle 2
Reading Never Looked So Good
ODENTON, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On the heels of the debut of Amazon Kindle 2, M-Edge Accessories (www.buymedge.com) – the leading provider of accessories for Kindle – has unveiled its newest collection of jackets designed specifically for the second generation of Amazon’s popular eReader. Amazon launched Kindle 2 today at a New York City press conference and unlike the first generation device, Kindle 2 will not include an Amazon-supplied stock jacket with purchase.
M-Edge Accessories’ CEO Patrick Mish expects the company’s Kindle-compatible products to be a big hit with consumers, and not just for their ability to protect the user’s eReader. “Our products allow Kindle users to express their unique style with vibrant and well-made jackets that capture their individuality in a jacket they can trust to protect their investment. Our customers have also grown to appreciate our high-quality jackets at a very reasonable price-point.”
M-Edge products that are compatible with Kindle 2 include the Executive Jacket and brand-new Platform Jacket (both available in genuine and synthetic leather). A revamped version of the e-Luminator booklight, an accessory to the Executive and Platform jackets that enables Kindle users to read in low-light environments, is expected to be available in March. All jackets are currently available for pre-order on www.buymedge.com as well as Amazon.com. Jackets are expected to begin shipping the last week in February.
M-Edge Accessories has supplied Kindle users with Kindle-compatible accessories since the release of the first-generation device in November 2007. The company has a proven track record of success with consumers and continues to lead the market in eReader-enhancing accessories.
Executive Jacket for Kindle 2 ($29.99-$44.99)
M-Edge offers the Executive Jacket in genuine and synthetic leather. The jacket offers full device protection, holds the Kindle securely in place with the Kindle-compatible mounting system and features a wraparound closure strap. Additionally, the jacket design accommodates M-Edge’s innovative booklight, the e-Luminator.
“The genuine-leather Executive Jacket is our most popular jacket among first-generation Kindle owners,” says Mish. “Our customers appreciate that it’s well-made and stylish and are confident it can protect their Kindles. Our Executive Jacket for Kindle 2 will do the same, while offering even more color options.”
Executive Jackets designed for Kindle 2 are available in such eye-catching shades as marbled red, jade green, sapphire blue, fuchsia, and purple as well as understated options like black, mocha, saddle, navy blue, cream and grey.
Platform Jacket for Kindle 2 ($29.99-$44.99)
A new addition to M-Edge’s product line, the Platform Jacket introduces a new bookstand design that allows users to read their Kindles upright and hands-free, while still offering full protection in a lushly-padded case. The Platform Jacket is offered in genuine and synthetic leather.
“Feedback from first-generation Kindle owners indicated there was a strong desire to incorporate an integrated bookstand into their protective jackets,” says Mish. “With the Platform Jacket, we’re providing an innovative solution that functions superbly while capturing the look and feel our customers have come to expect.”
M-Edge is excited for this new chapter and hopes all Kindle owners will have a great experience, cover to cover.