Create Stunning Diagrams On The Web With LovelyCharts

If you’ve ever looked for an easy, intuitive online diagram creation tool, you know how hard it is to find one. LovelyCharts is a brand new application poised to become the default online drawing tool for amazing flowcharts, sitemaps and wireframes.

Like Gliffy,, and AutoDesk’s experimental Draw project, the app enables you to create diagrams and more in your browser with drag-and-drop functionality. The main differentiator between LovelyCharts and other online services is that it actually makes your complex processes look incredibly good. Better yet, it’s completely free and since last week, out of beta and available to anyone.

In terms of features, LovelyCharts has pretty much all the basics covered, but you really need to try it out to get a feel of how rich the web-based app really is even with its relatively simple feature set. You can draw, align, insert symbols and icons, snap, zoom, import & export, and so on – for a good overview, check the tour and the (non-embeddable for some reason) screencast. My only gripes are that the app is not always as fast as I would like it to be at times, and there’s no way to upload and insert custom symbols, although the latter feature is underway.

There’s also a professional version of LovelyCharts available for €29 a year, which allows users to maintain and collaborate on as many diagrams as they wish and features full history management, sharing functionality and a notification setup.

LovelyCharts is mostly a one-man show, created by RIA developer and user architect Jérôme Cordiez from This Is Lovely!. The project is completely bootstrapped, which is awesome.