Free Keynote iPhone/iPod Touch app coming February 13th

topA lot of the companies that came to our Tokyo meet-up earlier this week were generally online service oriented folk, so I mostly drank in the corner, but a few gems stood out in the crowd of Japanese nerds. One of those companies was Conit whom you might know from their wildly popular Samurai Chess and Melody Bell apps that currently occupy Apple’s App Store. Oh, who am I kidding? Those apps aren’t my cup of tea, but the President of Conit, Kentaro Hashimoto, showed me a little something that did pique my interest.

He demoed their upcoming Keynote application TapNext Lite that is nowhere near as polished looking as Apple’s but it’s free. Isn’t that the whole point? To get something for free so long as it works. Sure, Apple’s app has all the bells and whistles like, notes, images and such, but Conit’s is going to be free. The interface is pretty meh, but, again, it works just fine and it’s free. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up in case you were looking to spend your hard earned $0.99 on the Keynote Remote.