The Nikon D400 to include 24MPs and a touchscreen?

nikon_logo_rgbThe Internet tubes have been rumbling about a new, high megapixal Nikon dSLR coming sometime this year and that rumor just got a little more official with a list of specs. The detailed list certainly seems feasible with a 3.5-inch touchscreen and dual SD/CF storage slots, but the 24MP spec throws up some questions, expessially if this digicam is to be called the D400. 

Currently the only 24+ MP camera Nikon sells is the $7,999 D3X. The $2,999 D700 sports the same FX-series sensor but is only shooting 12.1MP. Would the D400 supersede the D700 for the number two slot or would the new camera slide in under the $3k price only to leave the amazing D700 to slowly fade out?

Nikon does need to keep up in the megapixal race and hopefully, the D400 would be equipped with the same FX sensor the D3X has to keep pace with the 24MP Canons. Either way, if Nikon makes the camera detailed here, they will have a hot seller. 

pconline via nikonrumors