DIY: SLR ring flash

fringRegardless of what camera you use, a ring flash can be expensive. And for macro photography, there’s nothing better. But let’s say you’re on a budget. So instead of spending up to $600, how about one you can make for about $5.00, and a little bit of time from stuff you can pick up at your local dollar store.

Essentially, what the anonymous author did was take some fiber optic strings, a couple of balloons, a tube of toothpaste, and some zip ties, and make a way for the on camera flash to come from the front of the lens. It also makes the light spread out more evenly, which can be a major issue if you are taking close up shots.

Judging from the test shots on the site, it appears to work reasonably well. Looks a bit too “DIY” though in my opinion.

[via Slashgear]