Techrigy Hits 1 Billion Conversations–Think Google Alerts On Steroids

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Last month, I e-mailed my entire family and suggested they setup Google Alerts on their name. When a week later someone created a malicious Facebook group slandering my sister (very uncool), I was reminded of the importance of knowing what people are publicly saying about you and your products.

When I first began working on TechCrunch, I immediately looked for a tool to alert me whenever people wrote about CrunchBase online. After demo’ing several products, I landed on SM2 by Techrigy.

Techrigy announced last week that their index of online conversations just broke the 1 billion mark. And two days ago, they announced real-time alerts, fixing my biggest complaint with the service–results previously took a day or two to appear.

Like most website analytics packages, these conversation monitoring tools face a delicate balance between simple interface and powerful statistics. Much like a scientific calculator is very powerful, but a little confusing.

Many of the products I tried were too simple–for a product like CrunchBase, which is mentioned multiple times per hour–the ability to extract trends from mounds of data is far more important than seeing individual comments.

Products mentioned less often will place more value on real-time alerts for individual mentions. I know one of CrunchBase’s competitors left a comment hyping their product on any blog that mentioned CrunchBase.

The service is clearly targeted at larger businesses. While they offer a free version for up to five search phrases, the next plan costs $500 a month.

  • Sekhar Ravinutala

    Very useful, hope they’ve implemented well. Just signed up to check it out. Nice, easy-to-use site/interface. Will have to see how well it works.

    • Ryan Fish

      Yeah I’m signing up as well. It looks like some pretty powerful, but hopefully it won’t turn into another place where people sit all day. ; )

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  • jonas

    The steroid metaphor is getting old

    • EH

      It’s like Google Alerts on steroids…on acid. To the extreme! 2.0.

    • Jeff Widman


      It is a LOT better than Google alerts–like real-time alerts, plus Google Analytics for your site, except the analytics are for a few keywords across the entire web.

    • Mike

      I was going to write the same thing. It’s a very lazy statement. Made next time try one of these…

      1.) Think Google Alerts On Crack
      2.) Think Google Alerts On Meth
      3.) Think Google Alerts with double overhead cams
      4.) If Google Alerts was a virgin Techrigy would have taken on the whole Pittsburgh Steelers team at once.
      5.) On a scale from one to a hundred, I would give Google Alerts a 5 and Techrigy… a million.
      6.) Comparing Techrigy to Google alerts is like comparing Twitter to anything.

  • Albert K.

    Very neat – very useful as well. Will be using this in the future.

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  • John Adams

    Techrigy is interesting from a social media perspective. I have been using another product from Axonize ( It covers both web 1.0 and web 2.0 (social) media. It gave me alerts like Techrigy but also helped me improve the online visibility of my product line. Our web traffic doubled in 3 months and our search engine ranking on keywords that mattered the most rose significantly.

    Best of all, pricing started at 100 bucks a month. So I could charge it to my card and check out if the product worked before proposing it to my entire team. I am at the 1000 per month level now but it has been worth it.

    Website needs a little polish, but the product is very good.

    • Rubin

      Yes, I like their product too. Have used it for quite sometime and the conversation alerts etc are very timely and relevant. I am still at the $100 level as we are a small organization, however the ROI has been good so far. I would definitely recommend them.

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  • ben leefield

    As an addition to Google Alerts, on WikiWorldBook, a free online address book, you can also set up a Search Alert, which emails you immediarely someone has Googled your name and clicked on your profile (your profile should rank high up in the Google results unless you have a very common name or are famous). It provides you with information on the Searcher’s IP address and plots their approximate geographical location on a map.

    If they have Googled you from a business, you might even get their business name – as businesses tend to use fixed (and therefore named) IP’s rather than domestic IP’s which rotate.

    I was personally Googled by Google itself last December, which makes for interesting thoughts!

  • sanbit

    Wow, thanks for the info on the tools, I will defintely start using this.

  • Programmer Helper

    It’s like Google Alerts on steroids…on acid. To the extreme! 2.0.

  • Jason


    I signed up to an account – its very poorly written software, says my “search is running” and its not appearing, cant re-run.

    Very clunky interface…. and whats with the try-hard Google Analytics rip-off look?

    • Jim Reynolds

      Can you email me. I can look at your account and see if you’ve had any issues with your account account with regards to your search running.

      Jim Reynolds
      Director Of Sales
      Techrigy, Inc

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  • Gonzalo

    same here, doesn’t seem to work….when I click on a job to run, it says something else is running; when I check on “running jobs” it doesn’t show anything. Big question mark.

    • Jim Reynolds

      If you can shoot me a quick email, I’d be happy to take a peek at your account.

      Jim Reynolds
      Director Of Sales
      Techrigy, Inc

  • Martin Edic (Techrigy)

    Folks, please be patient with us! This isn’t intended to be a consumer product and getting a great post like this on Techcrunch is a little overwhelming. Searches in SM2 take awhile to run because they are searching the entire database for historical results first then pulling new stuff. It’s not a Google search- we pull down a lot of data for each mention of your keyword(s) and then do analysis on it.
    Going to be an interesting day!
    Martin Edic Director of Marketing, Techrigy, Inc,

  • Giovani

    Can anyone get it to work? I tried their “Renew America” demo profile and when I click on stuff it just brings me back to the home page over & over. so far… fail!

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  • Aaron Newman

    Thanks everyone so far for checking out SM2!

    If you do have trouble let us know – we are listening on Twitter and your blogs for your feedback. If your jobs aren’t running, it’s ok – they are backed up and will run later tonight. Its designed to find and analysis what you are looking for – so please don’t expect the results it to come back immediately. You’ll start getting your emails with the analysis shortly.

    Let us know your feedback!

    Aaron C. Newman
    Techrigy, Inc.
    cell: 646-280-5168

    – Providing visibility into Social Media –

  • Connie Bensen

    Hi Giovani & all,
    This article resulted in a huge number of signups. Please have patience. We’ll have you connected in a bit.
    Email me at

    Community Strategist

  • Gonzalo

    I see now it takes a while (at least at the moment) to run. Still, it should show that something is running I guess…but at least I got some results now.

  • sky

    We have the Director of Sales, Director of Marketing, the Community Strategist from Techrigy replying…

    Where is the Director of Software Development?


    • Aaron Newman

      Good point – you’d think the Director of Software Development would reply. But he’s at the data center keeping the system running today. He’s got his hands full ;)

      • sky

        Excellent! Keep the techies in the back room. I don’t like them either : ) Just kidding!

        Good luck.

    • Jim Schwab

      Hi sky – we have the Software guys all locked up in the back room, how do you think we got this thing built so quickly? We throw them some pizza and soda every so often….seems to be working. ;)

      Jim Schwab
      VP Sales & Marketing

      • Giovani

        @jim, no actually it doesn’t seem to be working.

        Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: An unknown error occurred while processing the request on the server. The status code returned from the server was: 0

      • Jim Reynolds

        Hi Giovani,
        Can you shoot me an email? I’d like to see where this error occurred.


  • Jim Wu

    Awesome! This tool rocks!

  • Amanda

    Way to go man! that rocks…very psyched for all your cats at Techrigy! Nice to see such great minds coming out of Rochester!

    • Jim Schwab

      Rochester is the east coast silicon valley on “steroids”!! Didn’t you know that?

  • fail

    FAIL! to all the people still using FAIL!

    Stop it. It’s about as original and catchy as saying, ” ‘X’ is ‘Y’ on steroids!”


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  • Jesse

    The whole site seems to just time out for me at the moment… Seems like a neat tool but I can’t get in to use it.

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