Review: Health Energy Potion


Overview and Features:

Health Energy Potion is a tiny 1.69-ounce energy drink that resembles a health vial from a video game. And sure enough, the drink promises “to add +160 to gamers’ HP.” Harcos, the company (“founded by two gamer geeks”) that makes Health Energy Potion, claims:

  • 5-8 hours of smooth energy
  • Apple-cinnamon flavor
  • No sugar, no after crash
  • Elderberry, ginseng, biotin and folic acid
  • As much caffeine as two cans of Red Bull

The retail price is $3.45 per vial.


  • Tastes pretty good. Even though there’s no sugar, it’s hard to tell the difference.
  • Goes down quickly and starts to work within minutes thanks to a double dose of caffeine. It’s almost alarming – definitely faster than coffee or any other energy drink I’ve tried. One time when I was a little kid, someone hit me in the face with a snowball as I was walking to the bus stop. That’s the only other time I remember being jolted awake as quickly.
  • The lasting effect is smooth and even and tapers off slowly, so there is indeed not much of an after crash, if any.


  • Promises “as much caffeine as two cans of Red Bull” but doesn’t contain as much combined energy ingredients as two cans. I drank three of these but it sure didn’t feel like drinking six cans of Red Bull. The double caffeine accounts for a nice initial kick, though.
  • The $3.45 MSRP is insane. It should cost less than half that. A two-pack sells on the drink’s website for $6.90 plus $7.81 shipping and handling. Thankfully it’s sold in stores too, so you can avoid shipping charges.


  • With no quantifiable way to measure my own HP, I am unable to verify if this product did indeed add 160 points to it. I’m pretty sure it added at least 100, though.


It’s worth a try if you’re into energy drinks. The first ten minutes can make you a bit agitated and antsy but this stuff is aimed at gamers, not quiet blogging, so it’d probably be perfect right before some nice first person shooter action.

It’s definitely worth a try. These guys pack a wallop into a little, tiny container.


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