Major networks to keep analog signals on until June 12, DTV Coupon program might get more funds

dtvNow the DTV Delay Act succesfully navigated through the US Capitol, there are some large, looming questions. Primarily, now that the analog switch-off is optional until June 12, what stations will switch off when? And is the Government going to pump more money into the bankrupt DTV vouchers program?

According to a Reuters report however, the top four TV networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, & FOX) have all stated that they will continue broadcasting until the new shutoff date. This is sure to confuse many Americans as DTV educational PSAs have been a staple during primetime for months all preaching the February date. Those not ready are sure to breath a bit easier when February 17 expires though. Plus, it seems more cash might fund the DTV coupon program again.

Part of the gigantic economic stimulus program Obama and Co. are trying to railroad through Congress includes $650,000 to subsidize DTV converter boxes for more $40 vouchers. The original $1.5 billion ran out of money a few months ago and we hear that millions of people are on a waiting list. But apparently these DTV boxes stimulate the economy and procrastinators need to be bailed out. (Too much?)