Video Review: Eventide ModFactor and TimeFactor

The TimeFactor and the ModFactor are two stompboxes from Eventide that I got a chance to try over the past few weeks. I love audio gear – I’m not good at using it in practice, but it’s nice to know it’s out there – so these were are kinds of fun.

The TimeFactor is a delay pedal with pre-sets and even a 12-second looping system for recording a bit of audio and relooping it over and over. It has some great delay presets that recreate different types of delay and echo. The ModFactor is more of a modulator with vibrato, tremelo, and pitch changing settings.

These things are $499 each and, if given enough patience and time, can make all kinds of great audio. I really liked the TimeFactor better than the ModFactor – I prefer standalone modulators like Wah-wah pedals to whole-hog electronic models like the ModFactor, but that’s a personal preference. Overall, great stuff. Best of all? The TimeFactor has its own MySpace page. Very Web Deux!

My review suck enough for you? Here’s a real knob tweaker’s review: