Kabooza Gets $840,000 To Jumpstart Yet Another Online Backup Service

I’m seriously doubtful if there’s room for yet another one, but Kabooza is a relatively new online backup service which just raised 7 million Sweden Kronor or $840,000 in seed funding from Swedish VC firm Aggregate Media, reports ArcticStartup.

Kabooza’s main selling point is that it’s “really simple”, which is basically the selling point for the dozens of similar services out there as well. You download a program to your PC (only Windows XP and Vista users, no Mac or Linux version, sorry) and you select which folders you would like to backup to Kabooze’s servers and voila, you’re done.

That is, if you want to trust a Swedish startup with your data – note that I’m in no way implying that they’d ever misuse or lose it, but consumer trust happens to be one of the issues a lot of cloud services, and particularly online backup services, have to deal with and I find the information on Kabooza’s website far too insufficient to make that call.

Anyway, Kabooza offers unlimited storage and a 25 GB upload limit per month per user. There are no free trial plans available, not even for testing purposes, and pricing is set to $49.95 per year.