Hey, Timmies did you POWNZER your FWAP?


When I was a kid, Pac Man was big. There were backpacks, lunchboxes, and even Pac Man board games. I remember one Christmas in particular when we were fascinated by the game even though none of the kids I played with were old enough to go into arcades – we must have been five or six – and none of us had really actually touched the game. We were enamored of the concept.

That love fell apart when one December evening they had some sort of Pac Man musical special. I don’t remember what it was about but it was something like a live-action Pac Man variety show and it was probably called Pac Man Fever. It was abysmal and turned me off of Pac Man forever. Basically it was a bunch of grown-ups running around ruining my vision of the game as a pure object.

This video is like that.

Hopefully the above video will do the same for millions of wannabe WoW players out there. This is the most awkward news report I’ve ever seen – I can’t even tell if it aired because it looks like the reporter filmed it in her living room with a Powershot – but this is like watching your uncle at a rave. If we learned anything it’s that you shouldn’t invite your MMORPGing boyfriend on camera.