Mario Kart tops best-selling games of 2008


The five best-selling games in the world for 2008 have been announced based on sales data from various reports by video game industry analysis firms NPD Group, Enterbrain, GfK, and ChartTrack. Topping the list is Mario Kart Wii at 8.94 million units. How do you like that?

Wii Fit comes in at second place at 8.31 million, followed by Grand Theft Auto IV at 7.29 million. Super Smash Bros. Brawl takes fourth with 6.32 million with Call of Duty: World at War coming in fifth place at 5.89 million.

So Nintendo continues to show big numbers despite still not having a ton of impressive third-party content for the Wii. It’ll be interesting to see if the gap between successful Nintendo titles and successful third-party titles continues to widen over the years.

[via Kotaku]