It's almost Valentine's Day; do you know where your stripper pole is?

11876If you’re like me, you’re always misplacing that pesky stripper pole. And after you went to all that trouble to have the man install it! No worries, my dears, Peekaboo has got you covered. Their home stripper pole kit (with DVD!) will make sure your February 14th goes off just as planned.

It seems to install like those chin-up bars you put in doorways, but it’s much longer; it works with ceilings up to 8ft/2.5m, which is about what I’ve got. It sets up and comes down pretty easily, which is not really what you want a pole dancing pole to do, so it’s advised to do any “swinging round” but it should hold up to “14 stones” of plain hanging.

Okay, I’ve just watched the demo video. NSFW, but this music is just too awesome to miss.

Or you could use John’s little jam on the Kaossilator — very hot.

[via GearDiary]