How much are you worth on Twitter?

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So there’s this site Out There called TwitterValue. It allegedly measures how much your Tweets are worth, based on a super-secret “Ph.D algorithm.” Our guess is that it takes into account the number of followers you have, how frequently you tweet, how many @replies you get, etc. Being the vainglorious nerds that we are here at CG, we decided to see how much our Tweets are worth. You’re in for a treat, believe me! Or should I say, you’re in for a Tweet, lol!

@johnbiggs (John) is worth $372

@ThePeterHa (Peter) is worth $137

@daamoth (Doug) is worth $31

@nicholasadeleon (Nicholas, me!) is worth $137

@GregKumparak (Greg) is worth $137

@smerrill (Scott) is worth $136

@frompkin (Dave) is worth $22

@boilr (Jeremy) is worth $17

That’s a suspicious amount of clustering around the $136-$37 area, no?

For comparison’s sake, the boss himself, @TechCrunch (Arrington), is worth $3,710 and @BarackObama (the president, silly!) is worth $41,150.

How much are you worth, citizen (and how is this different than TwittAd?)

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