Google's Task List Turns Up On The Android And iPhone

When Gmail Labs added a Task list to Gmail in December, it turned out to be an extremely popular feature. Now the Tasks app is going mobile, and is available on Android mobile phones and iPhones through the browser on those devices. Both of those browsers are based on Webkit). Simply point your mobile browser to If you’ve already installed Tasks on Gmail, they will show up automatically.

As you add or cross out tasks, they are automatically synced with your task list on Gmail. In addition to a stand-alone to-do list, you can also now convert e-mails into tasks. Unfortunately, you cannot yet share task lists with others or make lists if your mobile phone is not connected to the Internet. When the mobile version of Google Gears supports Android and the iPhone, offline capabilities will also be possible.

But this is going to be great for using your mobile phone as your to-do list. It is also significant in that Google is taking what was an added feature of Gmail and turning it into its own app. Pretty soon Tasks is going to need its own full-fledged destination site.

Here’s a demo video: