Ghetto DIY: Homemade 12-cell battery for Eee


Eeeuser forum member TenaciousDre wasn’t content with the Eee’s battery life, but like any real man, he wanted more power. So, he ripped apart his old IBM P2 and Frankensteined the li-ion cells with the Eee’s existing battery pack. Battery life varies depending on what he’s doing, but it ranges anywhere from 4 to 15 hours. But there are some downsides to this mod.

The charge time for this Frankenstein battery is roughly 12 hours and the battery meter no longer registers correctly. That’s sort of a given, though. But on the flipside, TenaciousDre says his little netbook runs 5 degrees cooler because the girth of the battery pack boosts the ground clearance. Crazy.


via Portable Monkey