Cake maker messes up cake, hilarity ensues


A customer brought a picture of her boss into a bakery to be made into a cake — so far so good, right? She handed the photo over on a USB flash drive and when she returned to pick the cake up she found that instead of the photo of her boss immortalized in frosting, the bakery had drawn the spitting image of the actual thumb drive she’d given them.

Naturally a ROFLgasm of epic proportions can currently be heard sweeping across the internet. By the way, did you know that a site exists for the sole purpose of cataloguing F-ed up custom cakes? It’s called Cake Wrecks. I bet there are other similar sites, too.

This internet; she may be a fickle mistress that takes without asking, but sometimes she gives something back. Often in the form of cake and other delicious desserts.

Cake Wrecks [via The Raw Feed]