Review: Gilty Couture 14k gold iPhone bezel

gilty1Don’t call it a case. That word implies durable protection, which this Gilty Couture product is not. A $125 buys you a gold-plated bezel that’s sure to invoke more unneeded iPhone safety paranoia. Now, not only do you have to anally obsess ‘bout the phone’s glossy plastic back and the delicate touchscreen, but now this damn bezel. Is that how you wanna live? Really?

Not me. Hell no. A gold case? Gold is too soft for that type of task. Sure, it might earn ya pimp points in some circles but the rest of the world understands why cases aren’t made out of gold. It scuffs and dings too easy.

Truth be told, the bezel is well made. It fits the iPhone like a glove and does everything that it’s suppose to like a high-quality product. None of the phones functions are compromised and it doesn’t add that much bulk. But still, it’s a gold-plated bezel. For $125.

However, chances are that if you initially have the coin to drop on this case, the trust fund can afford another after some of the crystals eventually pop out and gold rubs off. Maybe I just don’t get it.[PSGallery=2jhxmb10uff]