Crappy flash game lets you splash land in the Hudson

That took surprisingly long! I would have expected a game like this (tasteless certainly, but not necessarily distasteful) to have occurred only days after the crash. If you can believe it, it took almost a week for a developer to put together a couple sprites, a smoke effect, and the gameplay from Top Gun on NES.

The original site, Tasty Play, is down at the time of this writing (out of CPU, interestingly, not bandwidth), but Addicting Games has mirrored it and you can enjoy it there in all its mediocrity.

I’m not sure how I feel about these sort of games (being poorly made for the most part, and occasionally offensive), but the phenomenon is interesting. I remember some efforts to put out episodal content based on current events — it was too early then, but the attention these timely games are getting suggests that maybe it’s time for Throw a shoe at Bush to become a full-fledged, Unreal-Engine-powered retail product.