Wherein Penny-Arcade illustrates just how bad MacBook Pro overheating really is


So how hot does your MacBook Pro get? Like, hot hot or just hot? (I have an old MacBook that’s not too bad about that kind of thing.) There’s a delightful message today on Penny-Arcade about how their MacBook Pro, when left to its own devices, becomes extraordinarily hot. Like, otherworldly hot.

All you have to do is Google “macbook pro overheat” to find thousands of people all wondering, “Why in the hell is this laptop so hot?” Is it because it’s made of aluminum? Why don’t the fans constantly run, without third-party assistance, once it reaches a certain temperature? Is this year’s FC Barcelona the best team that’s ever played? (Yes. Stats don’t lie.)

MacBook Pro and fertility don’t mix well, if you care about that sort of thing.