Rummble releases WiFi-finder iPhone app with TotalHotSpots

UK mobile startup Rummble has teamed up with TotalHotSpots the global WiFi hotspots directory to produce a branded version of Rummble iPhone app. Marketing of the app will start on Monday next week.

The end result is an application which will tell you where you can get WiFi nearby, as in places like Cafes, and the ability to “Rummble” (or rather rate) those wifi hotspots and see user comments. The application also allows you to add hotspots you have found and rate them. This is is the most useful aspect because you can now benefit from insider knowledge about open nodes.

The app is already in the app store, retailing at £2.99. The regular Rummble app is free, but does not contain the global data on wifi hotspots from all the ISPs and UGC on wifi hotspots).

The app is being featured on the Gadget Show tonight (Friday 30 Jan 2009) at 8pm on Channel Five.