Lose weight the Hello Kitty way

hellowtfIn the CrunchGear chat room this morning we were talking about exercise. Someone linked to Hundred Push Ups, and issued a challenge to see how many push ups we could each do. We postured and boasted and tried to convince one another that blogging had not gone to our bellies. Thankfully we were quickly distracted by a Hello Kitty weight loss gadget.

What better way to lose weight than to sit around letting a machine do it for you. No more hassle about going to the gym, and being surrounded by buff people and unflattering mirrors. No more laborious sessions on treadmills or elliptical machines. No more embarrassing accidents with the BowFlex. In no time at all we’ll be living like the Jetsons, with robots to make our meals and chairs that carry us from room to room (though we’ll want to get out of the chair every now and again, lest we end up making Wall-E a reality!).


According to Zara, “Slendertone style devices … tend to tone the muscles, rather than slenderize you”, so maybe using one of these will provide an adequate shortcut to doing one hundred grueling push ups.

Via Shiny Shiny