Nokia updates its classic candybar phone lineup


Nokia made a name for itself with candybar style phones and the firm’s latest handsets follow that tradition. Expect two of these phones to hit carriers with low – or free – price tags while one, the 6700, will try to be sold with a price tag north of $300

The Nokia 2700 classic: the ever-so-popular free candybar phone. 2.0 MP camera, music player, and  2GB built-in memory. What do you want for free?

Then there is the 6303 classic that seems to aimed at budget consumers that still want a few more features like 3.2 MP camera, 2.2-inch screen, a full featured music player and built-in navigation.

 The Nokia 6700 builds upon the success of the 6300 but adds a 5MP camera, GPS capabilities and a premium finish which hopefully justifies the 235 EUR ($309 USD) pricetag.

Soren Petersen, Senior Vice President, Nokia. “Our new arrival shares the same ‘DNA’ as its predecessor and we believe that it will be one of our best selling devices in 2009,