Social Sharing Tool Bemba Fails To Get Traction, Shuts Down

Bemba Media, a Dutch startup that introduced a nifty browser plug-in / bookmarklet that enabled users to quickly share and bookmark stuff from across the web and particularly social networking sites in a very straightforward way, is shutting down. The site will no longer accept new users as from today and completely fade out per February 8.

The Bemba Media Team made this tough decision because the amount of Bemba users is not growing fast enough to pay our expenses. We are especially sorry for those of you who have been using Bemba actively.

I actually liked the service, which integrated well with most major social networks, made sharing on third-party communities and the Bemba network a breeze and included detailed statistics, but I was never an active user. If you were, you can recover some of what you shared by requesting a CSV file containing your links, titles and comments.

Bemba Media had raised an undisclosed amount of angel funding from a private investor.