Liveblog This: CoverItLive Closes $1 Million Round

CoverItLive, easily the most extensive tool one can use for liveblogging live events or other real-time stuff such as earnings calls, press conferences and the likes, has raised $1.2 million Canadian dollars (or approximately $1 million USD) more from its current investor and private equity fund Flagstone Capital and well-known investor and entrepreneur Paul Kedrosky.

CoverItLive has also quietly rolled out a money-making product dubbed CiL Enterprise that brings additional features to professional users, catering to publishers who cover live events with multiple writers in particular. The enterprise version is currently still free, but the company aims to start charging somewhere between $50/month to $500/month for CiL Enterprise within a couple of months, leaving an option for free usage in educational environments.

The service supports 10 languages so far, integrates with Twitter, supports live streaming of video and audio, enables users to upload photos and videos and also boasts a mobile version (as well as a Viewer specifically designed for the iPhone).

To see the widget in action, check out this page where CoverItLive lists a number of live events being liveblogged with the service.

Our sister site Crunchgear used CoverItLive a couple of times in the past but the team is apparently not the biggest fan of the service as it has failed them a number of times in the past (see this post). The Crunchgear guys point to another contender in the liveblogging platform space: ScribbleLive, also a Canadian venture, that was launched in May 2008.