Hammacher Schlemmer looking for new product ideas, will pay handsomely


You guys read about gadgets all day, right? Some of you probably have great ideas for products you’d like to see that haven’t been invented yet. If you share those ideas with Hammacher Schlemmer you could win a minimum of $2,500 plus 20 years worth of a percentage of every product sold through the catalog.

The “Innovative Product Search,” as its called, is being held in cooperation with Edison Nation. Ah, and here’s the catch. You’ll need to pay “a small fee” to Edison Nation for them to review your product or idea. Here’s more:

“For a small fee, Edison Nation will research the market and manufacturing potential for your idea and will conduct an intellectual property review. If your product is chosen, you will receive a $2,500 minimum advance from Edison Nation. You will also enjoy the unique possibility that your invention could be sold online and in our catalog, enabling you to receive royalties based on the national sales of your product.”

It’s only $25 per idea, which I suppose isn’t all that bad considering the possible payout.

Edison Nation can help turn your ideas or patents into actual products sold by Hammacher Schlemmer [Hammacher.com]