Get ‘em started young with the BlackBerry-like ‘Text & Learn’

Leapfrog_TextLearn_270x378 It’s true what they say: Little kids love the BlackBerry. Imagine the message you’re sending to your kids by having your own big boy BlackBerry glued to your face all the time. They want to be like mommy and daddy and mommy and daddy have two kids and two BlackBerry devices, which equals a family of six. Naturally, your little ones want their own QWERTY-enhanced handhelds.

David Carnoy at CNet says that this product is “sure to be known in the blogosphere [as the] ‘baby BlackBerry’.” You can’t make up a nickname for something and then say that all the other bloggers will surely call it the same thing, Carnoy! Why don’t I just give myself an awesome nickname like “Lovecrusher” or “Dr. Blogswell” or “The Pants Man” while we’re at it?

Unfortunately, he’s probably right about this one as “Baby BlackBerry” is pretty fitting. Still, as a matter of principle, I’ll hereby refer to it as the “KidZ Rule! Extreme Self-Texting Apparatus,” or KRESTA.

The Text & Learn (KRESTA) will cost $25 when it hits the states this summer and will be geared at preschool aged kids, featuring simple spelling and word activities along with fake text messaging and web browsing. It won’t have any actual connections, though. Just pretend Wi-Fi, WiMAX, EVDO, LTE, Bluetooth, Ham Radio, and whatever else your youngster dreams up.

[via Crave]