iPhone software bumped up to version 2.2.1

There I was, attempting to load my iPhone with the latest Fergie/Lady GaGa/Cyndi Lauper mashup, when word came down the pipes that the mighty makers from Cupertino had passed down a morsel of mending, a reliquary of repair. In other words, new iPhone software update yo.

This latest revision is a minor one, only bumping the version number up a single digit – but that doesn’t mean jailbreakers and unlockers should dive in right away. We’re hearing reports that this new version does bring a baseband modification, which likely means the exploit used by the iPhone Dev Team for the 2.2 yellowsn0w update has been patched up.

2.2.1’s patch notes only promise a less finicky Safari (and boy did it need it) and a bug fix for Camera Roll’s handling of images saved through the Mail application. Chances are other minor changes are lurking – first person to find’em gets a gold star and a box of animal crackers.