Digg Poaches New Head Of Sales From Yahoo

After not being acquired by Google last year and announcing some cutbacks last week, Digg is rolling up its sleeves and getting to work. The company has hired Tom Shin as its new head of sales from Yahoo, where he was one of the top sales people and head of the Northwest sales region. His job is to build a sales team at Digg go after advertising dollars more directly., something CEO Jay Adelson recently underscored as a big goal of the company in 2009.

Shin will also be in charge of overall advertising strategy and managing the relationship with Microsoft, which serves the bulk of the ads on Digg. At Yahoo, Shin was also a director of product marketing for Yahoo Mail. According to his bio, Yahoo Mail grew from $20 million in revenues to $300 million during his seven-year tenure.

Digg needs all the help it can get. Last year, the company lost an estimated $5 million on revenues of $8.5 million. There are also rumors that Digg is working on an automated, self-serve advertising product that consumers will be able to vote up or down.