Confirmed, again: Sirius XM to charge for online streaming starting on March 11


We’ve had confirmation of Sirius XM price hikes for about a week now, but now the company is actively promoting it. Go to either Sirius’ or XM’s Web site and you’ll see a kind note explaining how online streaming will no longer be free. Starting on March 11, 2009, you’ll need to part with $2.99 per month if you want to listen online. You know, because upgrading the online feed to “CD-quality,” whatever that means, costs a bloody fortune.

To be fair to Sirius XM, $3 for online streaming isn’t exactly outrageous; it’s just annoying.

So, if you’re looking to avoid an extra fee, you should “lock in” your current subscription rate.

Also, Louis CK is great.

via Orbitcast