Angry Ex-Employee Lets Loose On SkyGrid

SkyGrid, a new aggregation startup that is preparing to launch a free version of its product, has an angry ex-employee on its hands named Sara Parker.

Parker, a “Process and Documentation Specialist” at the company from August 2008 to December 2008 according to her LinkedIn Profile, says via Twitter that “after discovering baaad things about management team, i gave notice.” The next day, she says, she was fired without severance.

Some of the Twitter messages she wrote are more of a rant than anything. But she does trash her boss, the VP Engineering, as a “notoriously poor communicator” and that his “challenges directly interfered with the quality of the product.”

Normally when we see this stuff, we contact the company and hear a different side of the story. This time, though, the company didn’t return our request for comment, but shortly afterward Parker’s Twitter account went private.

We’re not too concerned about the specifics of Parker’s situation, but this may be a sign that the upcoming product isn’t what it could have been, or that it is being delayed. If anyone has details, let us know.