The Kyte Dashboard: Like Google Analytics For Your Cell-Phone Videos

Mobile video service Kyte is trying hard these days to please its biggest (paying) customers: music labels and their artists, primarily. Performers such as 50 Cent and John Legend use Kyte to record behind-the-scenes moments on their cell phones and then share them over the web immediately with their fans. To help its customers manage their mobile video channels just as they would any other Web property, Kyte will introduce a new dashboard and management console on Tuesday at a conference in Las Vegas.

The Kyte Dashboard is a bit like Google Analytics for cell-phone video. It is filled with charts showing the number of views for each show, ad impressions, bandwidth usage, most watched shows, and the sites where the embeddable videos are watched the most.

A content view lets users see the individual video lineup for each upcoming show and change it aroubd by dragging and dropping . And the moderation tab lets users accept or reject new videos into their channel from their audience.

Below are screenshots: