Sony adds four new and shiny colors to the PSP lineup (in Japan)


Sony Japan today announced the “Carnival Colors” collection of PSP-3000s [JP], which will go on sale in Nippon starting March. The new colors are “vibrant blue”, “radiant red”, “bright yellow” and “spirited green”. I don’t know who came up with these names but Sony didn’t say if the new PSPs will ever make it to the US or Europe.

Japanese buyers cann choose between a standard package (PSP-3000, 2200mAH battery) for $220 and a special edition for $60 more. The value pack includes a PSP pouch, a strap, an AD adapter and a 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo.

The blue and red PSPs will go on sale in Japan on March 5th, followed by the two other colors two weeks later.