Report: Steve Jobs Is In The Office Today

Perhaps it’s because I’m stuck in a Munich hotel with the flu, but this most recent round of rumors about Steve Jobs undergoing surgery today is annoying me more than normal. The entire report is based on something someone heard someone else say at a party. That kind of stuff is fine when it’s a funding rumor and the flimsiness of it is disclosed. But we’re talking about someone’s very personal life here – someone who has repeatedly requested privacy. The fact that CNET, taking a few moments away from their Pulitzer Prize winning effort to determine the most hated person on the Internet, jumped on this so eagerly is particularly disappointing.

Our own source, who is significantly more believable than some person at some party, says Jobs is in the office today in meetings and most definitely not undergoing surgery. Does that mean he might go under the knife tomorrow instead? Do we really need to know?

Let Steve Jobs do his job and live his life. Just because you can write a story doesn’t mean you have to.