Headphone rack for your HP Blackbird system

I’m not going to lie to you. I raised an eyebrow at this when I heard about it, but now I see that a headphone rack on your case would actually be quite handy. The only impractical thing about this particular one is that it only fits on HP’s Blackbird. That’s one way to limit your market; the Blackbird doesn’t appear to be on sale any more, and HP invites you to call a phone number to “learn more.”

hp1If you already own one of these beasts, you were probably wondering what the little mounts were on the side there. It’s for this thing apparently, although Astro Gaming is a little late to the Blackbird party. It’ll set you back $20, but if you buy a pair of A40 headphones (which I’ve never gotten to try out — the brutes wouldn’t send one) they’ll give you the hanger for free.