Dopplr And MAXroam Are Now Travel Buddies

Cubic Telecom, the TechCrunch40 company behind the traveler-friendly SIM card MAXroam, has partnered with Dopplr to sell the card through its online store. The Dopplr-branded SIM card will be available for a reduced rate of €45 (down five euro from its normal price).

Both companies have a strong travel focus: Cubic Telecom’s MAXroam allows users to use their unlocked cell phones in over 180 countries, saving around 60-80% on roaming charges. Dopplr offers a social network for travelers looking to meet up with their friends. The site will use your travel schedule to determine when you’ll be in the same area as a friend, and then help you set up a get-together.

While the new partnership may not sound like much, this is actually a big win for MAXroam, which likely has a hard time connecting with business travelers (try doing a Google search for ‘cheap SIM travel’ – there are countless competitors, though most of them work differently). Dopplr’s userbase consists largely of frequent travelers who are likely to show interest in the special SIM cards. They still might be turned off by the specifics of MAXroam’s program (the site offers video tutorials, but it can be a little confusing), but the prospect of saving big bucks is a strong motivator.

We should note that Offbeat Guides, which we covered last night, also has a partnership with Dopplr and is available on the Dopplr store.