DIY HDMI cables from audioquest coming soon

audioquest_hdmi_before_afterHDMI cables have long been the bane of custom AV installers mainly because they previously could not be made to length. It seems that audioquest has solved the problem with a system that splits the HDMI wire into two wire groups for termination and crimping. That way, you are avoiding crimping all 19 wires at once. Most installers can crimp CAT-5’s eight wires in their sleep so doing groups of nine and ten is not that much of a stretch.

One of the keys is that audioquest is using solid wire instead of the stranded type which improves signal integrity. Even better, the crimping method was found to produce a better signal than with soldering and so audioquest is implementing the method across all of their product lines.


The system should ship sometime in the Spring but pricing hasn’t been announced yet. Installers and DIY have been praying for such a system that audioquest might be able to price the system more than Monster Cable’s crap and will still sell enough to fund a yacht fleet .