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This week’s TechCrunch Europe Job of the Week is for a developer for advertising startup. They are in London (though I think the description “Farming, Fishing, and Forestry” was entered incorrectly).

Remember, it costs only £20 to post *any* kind of advert on the CrunchBoard related to your startup/business, whether it be jobs, searches for office space or requests for new projects.

Every week we publish the Job of the Week here (8,000+ on RSS) and Twitter it to about 7,000+ more people. To apply to have Job of the Week featured, put up a job on CrunchBoard and contact editorial.

  • JenniferPanettiere

    Commenting 2.0 service Disqus has announced support for FriendFeed, allowing users to natively import FriendFeed comments into Disqus.
    The integration between the two popular services has been the top of many users’ list for over a year, and while WordPress plugins, and more lately a hosted service promised some levels of integration, you can’t beat native support.

    Yeay!!!! I am using Disqus, but now I will never leave them

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