20 mobile startups make it to the Barcelona beach-side awards

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Mobile World Congress spins up in a couple of weeks time but like any good event, the real action takes place ‘Off Broadway” at the fringe events. And that’s not just because TechCrunch is running an event: TechCrunchTalk Mobile 2.0. One of the main one this year is The Mobile Peer Awards from the Mobile Monday global non-profit network. They have picked their finalists for the awards from a list which started at 162, went to 42 and is now down to the final 20. It’s necessarily from a wide cross-section of countries because each MM chapter picks ‘their’ winner. Hence why there is only one finalist from Silicon Valley – Soonr – but that means you also get to hear about Aradiom from Istanbul, among others. Some of the trends are clear: location-based services, events, social networking, producivity apps, app stores, enterprise and VOIP. The full list of finalists appears after the jump.

The finalists are divided in two categories: early-stage and emerging.

Registration to attend the event is now open here.

Early Stage Startups:

Addict Digital Media – Mobile Monday Buenos Aires

aka-aki networks GmbH – MobileMonday Berlin

Babajob.com – MobileMonday Bangalore

Big in Japan Inc. – MobileMonday Dallas

bioLocate – MobileMonday Jakarta

Dial2Do – MobileMonday Dublin

Fortumo – MobileMonday Estonia

Mob4Hire – MobileMonday Vancouver

Orbster GmbH – MobileMonday Munich

Oxynade – MobileMonday Brussels

Tellmewhere – MobileMonday Paris

Xumii – MobileMonday Sydney

Emerging Startups

Aradiom – MobileMonday Istanbul

fring – MobileMonday Tel Aviv

Getjar Networks – MobileMonday Lithuania

Keynetik – MobileMonday Washington DC

Mobintech A/S – MobileMonday Copenhagen

PopCatcher AB – MobileMonday Sweden

Soonr – MobileMonday Silicon Valley

Unkasoft Advergaming – MobileMonday Madrid

  • http://informationweek.com Marin

    Fly me out and I’ll go :)
    Can’t say I’ve heard of many of these companies – except for Fring, Big In Japan, and Mob4Hire – but I know there are some incredibly innovative mobile startups coming alive today, and this event should be a blast.

  • http://www.natetstef.com Stephane Delbecque

    Registered to this event which is really promising. Can’t wait to discover new mobile startups. And congrats to MM Barcelona for putting together such an event (Props to Rudy.)

  • Livecrunch

    To bad http://m.mwd.com is not competing as best twitter mobile web app.

  • Attend or Burn Cash in Fireplace for Heat?

    What a great time for an overseas conference focusing on irrelevant start ups that will produce no revenue and be funded for no one.

    Time to fly home–coach–put on big boy pants and help solve America’s problems by creating products that HELP people.

    Okay? Gooood. Thanks…

  • Considering strangling Grandma for airfare

    No one will be attending.

    Horrid idea. Terrible timing.
    Empty-headed planning. Useless Symposium. Tired Award Arse Slapping. Humorless Geek Prostitute Soliciting.

    I hope the overpriced Barcelonian hotel you’re holding this wasteful spending orgie falls on top of your collective-yet empty–heads.

  • Rename: Unfunded Loser Palooza

    I think three of these tiny tot start-ups actually went out of business since posting this “absolutely terrible idea story.”

    Bucher: please punch yourself in the larnyx.

  • labelle

    Happy to see that Soonr made the cut as the Silicon Valley representive, I use their service every day – as an outside sales person, its great to have all my documents available on my iPhone. Soonr renders document better and faster than any other service, i have tried. All these guys need to provide is more storage for me…

  • http://www.getjar.com Chris

    The link to GetJar is broken: http://www.getjar.com.

  • http://www.paybymob.net Liam

    Kudos to @SOS100 & his team at dial2do. The next spinvox me thinks..

  • Francesco

    Mmm… to be honest when I first saw the name “Mob4Hire” I thought they were offering other kind of services :D

  • http://uk.techcrunch.com Mike Butcher

    The cynics on this thread need to note that Barcelona is a short, cheap flight away from the rest of Europe and is therefore not as expensive to visit as it would be if you were from a failing economy on the other side of the Atlantic.

    • http://blog.dial2do.com Sean O Sullivan

      Well said Mike. I guess if we take the advice of the negative comments we should ….do what? Stay at home and wait for things to get better?

      Hmmm. Don’t think so.

      MWC is the largest Telecom Industry meet-up worldwide, annually. Even our US colleagues (who attend in droves) agree that it’s the *key* event to attend on the calendar to meet everyone in the industry in one place, one time. Not dissing CTIA, CommunicAsia, or any other large telecom events. This is however, *the* one.

      So you may want to do more homework on the conference before writing it off. It serves a very useful purpose, annually, good times and bad.

  • http://www.mojiva.com Kate

    We’ll be there! Look us up at our booth (7A70) or http://www.mojiva.com.

  • http://blog.mjelly.com james

    Fring is a worthy winner

  • UK = Iceland minus quality dental care

    Butcher blockhead:

    Might want to look around you, govna’. It’s called a Global resession for a reason.

    Bloody Nitwit.

  • SiValley4Life

    Can’t believe how incredibly negative and simple minded the critics are.

    We HELP the economic problems by continuing to do business and support the new and emerging companies.

    Worthless mobile apps??? Do YOUR homework guys…companies like SoonR with their PRODUCTIVITY app for the iPhone and secure cloud storage are improving the way we do business…GLOBALLY!!

    Bitter your company didn’t make it?

  • http://techfever.net/2009/02/02/gsma-mwc-2009-mobile-monday-peer-awards-2009-to-announce-winner-in-spain/ GSMA MWC 2009: Mobile Monday Peer Awards 2009 to announce winner in Spain | TechFever Network | The Hot Tech News and Gadget Network

    […] [Link] […]

  • http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/02/16/mobile-startups-whittled-down-to-the-last-five-in-barcelona/ Mobile Startups Whittled Down To The Last Five in Barcelona

    […] rest of the 42 and the final 20 are listed here and here. […]

  • http://www.lazysupper.com lazysupper

    Mob4Hire – MobileMonday Vancouver
    Accoding to their website they’re Calgary-based.

  • http://www.lazysupper.com lazysupper

    Mob4Hire – MobileMonday Vancouver
    According to their website they’re Calgary-based.

  • http://jakarta-massage.com jakarta girl

    I agree SiValley! In Jakarta we have what we call prostitute alley, I’d like to see those jokers drug there & pummeled. Just once, I tell ya.

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