20 mobile startups make it to the Barcelona beach-side awards

Mobile World Congress spins up in a couple of weeks time but like any good event, the real action takes place ‘Off Broadway” at the fringe events. And that’s not just because TechCrunch is running an event: TechCrunchTalk Mobile 2.0. One of the main one this year is The Mobile Peer Awards from the Mobile Monday global non-profit network. They have picked their finalists for the awards from a list which started at 162, went to 42 and is now down to the final 20. It’s necessarily from a wide cross-section of countries because each MM chapter picks ‘their’ winner. Hence why there is only one finalist from Silicon Valley – Soonr – but that means you also get to hear about Aradiom from Istanbul, among others. Some of the trends are clear: location-based services, events, social networking, producivity apps, app stores, enterprise and VOIP. The full list of finalists appears after the jump.

The finalists are divided in two categories: early-stage and emerging.

Registration to attend the event is now open here.

Early Stage Startups:

Addict Digital Media – Mobile Monday Buenos Aires

aka-aki networks GmbH – MobileMonday Berlin

Babajob.com – MobileMonday Bangalore

Big in Japan Inc. – MobileMonday Dallas

bioLocate – MobileMonday Jakarta

Dial2Do – MobileMonday Dublin

Fortumo – MobileMonday Estonia

Mob4Hire – MobileMonday Vancouver

Orbster GmbH – MobileMonday Munich

Oxynade – MobileMonday Brussels

Tellmewhere – MobileMonday Paris

Xumii – MobileMonday Sydney

Emerging Startups

Aradiom – MobileMonday Istanbul

fring – MobileMonday Tel Aviv

Getjar Networks – MobileMonday Lithuania

Keynetik – MobileMonday Washington DC

Mobintech A/S – MobileMonday Copenhagen

PopCatcher AB – MobileMonday Sweden

Soonr – MobileMonday Silicon Valley

Unkasoft Advergaming – MobileMonday Madrid